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By: Rose Cervantes 


Lovebugs fuck in the open.

Kiss, caress, cuddle

On your patio, on your windshield, in your salad.

Intimacy floating in the air.

Vulnerability slithering around ankles.

Love, the question we all ask, the answer only some find.


Lovebugs also known as the honeymoon fly or double-headed bug.

During and after mating, matured pairs remain together, even in flight, for up to several days.

They do not bite or sting

Like the couple on the corner of your street who leaves Christmas up all year long.

Love on display, not on pedal stool, but climbing into pillow forts, hanging

from tree branches,

Love free.

Love like a child who’s never been told, you’re being too loud.


My mother taught me to love everything you see.

She didn’t say this with her mouth but with her eyes.

Wishing any type of love the power of a peach revealing it’s pit.

Dreaming Every type of love is a city in a power outage, huddled in rooms

with candlelight together.

I wonder how Lovebugs make sense of loving what’s underneath the light.

Do they squint their eyes the same way I do?


The way I love

My mother, My best friend, My dreams

The homeless, butterflies, and my dog

Are all the exact same.

They have different needs, but I’m the same in every version.

Draining my veins of every love droplet, I still haven’t figured out how living empty

leaves me so full…

No wonder I’m always craving more.


Do you show your love in plain sight?

Imagine your plea for love stapled to a help wanted sign

Lovebugs are addicted to car fumes, love, anD soulmates.

So many avert their eyes to professions of love,

Search out ways to get rid of Love



I dare you

Crack open your intimate

Tell stories from your childhood

Embarrass yourself

Take a shit while your partner is in shower


We are sex


love letters on the back of old to-do lists,

Weaknesses and dreams.

I am a collection of everyone who has ever loved me

Willing to die in the name of love      making.

I can’t be contained in one pair,


So how long will it take for you to turn your eyes from a lonely lover.

Who will ask me to go? Who will ask me to stay?

I do not sting or bite. 

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