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Welcome to Tabs on Rose!

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

You've stumbled upon my very first blog post.

Thank you for knocking on the door to my mind by visiting this site.

Keep reading to download more info on the open tabs I have in my artist, poet, and alien life.

Through a series of stories told throughout this blog, I'll explore the spectrum of creation and existence with a pen in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other. This is a place to catalog my creative journey, my dreams, my research big-brain questions, and the poems cascading around me as I walk through the dreamscapes in my mind and the lovely landscape of St Pete.

About Keeping Tabs On Rose

In my early stages of existence, I struggled with seeing any value in my work or in myself. Hell, I still struggle with this on a daily basis. But with a lot of hard work, therapy, effective medication, and deep love from all of my beloveds, I am beginning to see myself blossom after eons of feeling like a wilted rose.

As I submerge myself in creative worlds I've slowly been inventing, Keeping Tabs on Rose was birthed. A digital space to play and document that I, Tabitha Rose Cervantes, do in fact exist. I am here to create. And for the first time in perhaps forever, I have joy for the future. I hope to walk holding hands the whole journey <3

On this site, you can explore my poetry, visual art, CV, and catch up on the open tabs I'm exploring in my blog. I will also be creating a monthly newsletter of creative magic to debut new work and share some exclusive goodies.

About Me

- Cubana. Queer.

- ENFJ-T, Ravenclaw, Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising, Enneagram Type 4

- Places Lived:

Key West FL

Tallahassee, FL

St. Petersburg, Fl

Full Bloom Passions

  • The Arts

  • Teaching & Education

  • Radical Compassion & Love

  • Inclusive Community Building

Full Bloom Loves

Poetry / Short Story / Memoir / Graphic Novel

Art / Painting / Collage / Mixed Media

Dancing / Music

Film / Animation / Cinematic Adventures

Nature / Trees / Ocean / Mountains

Travel / Exploration

Baby Yoda / Stitch

Snakes / Rats / Butterflies / Otters

Full Bloom Fights

Sincerely, Thanks so much for reading!

Stay tuned for more Rose Rambles & upcoming news for Keeping Tabs on Rose.

With Lots of Love,

Rose Cervantes

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