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Keeping Tabs
on Rose 


my fellow creatives, aliens, rats, snakes, lovers.

Welcome to keeping tabs on rose! 

I'm rose. 

as i stumble upon this journey, i want to start showcasing my work, my stories, my lifetime. i live a beautiful messy life as a queer, white-passing poet, a teacher, a freelancer, and a storyteller. 

this site is essentially a digital space to showcase all the open tabs in my life as i navigate the world of poetry, art, equity, and communication.

thanks for being here. 

A personal site to explore the many tabs I keep open in my life. 

my brain, heart, and communication expertise combine to create supernova ideas and stories. I navigate a lot of spaces and realms to nourish the diverse and expansive passions in my heart.


To produce an intentional impact in my projects and meaningful relationships in my communities, I approach new doors and opportunities with a creative & open mindset, an empathic ear, an imaginative soul, and an eager heart.


These sections or TABS, really can get flowy, so I wanted to break it down for you. 

Things I'd love to connect with you about: 

  • artist collabs, art hangs, poetry open mics  (poetry, visual art, digital art, event opportunities)

  • creative storytelling projects (arts-related, equity-related, community-oriented)

  • freelance communication inquiries (messaging, event planning, social media, public relations, visual storytelling)

  • creative writing services (writing, editing, visualizing)

  • strategic planning/event planning/research projects

And again,

thank you for checking out my work and my passions :~)

Image by arhihou anas
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